Bahamian Vacation

I remember the day my husband I decided we were going to cruise to the Bahamas for the holidays. Vividly. We were standing in line for the ferry on Liberty Island, New York.  This was our 4th line-standing session of the day.  We were thirsty, hungry, and annoyed with ourselves for having booked such an experience.

Go see the Statue of Liberty, they said.  It will be fun, they said. It’s a national landmark, you will regret nothing! I must say, I do not regret it. Reason being: This experience led us to booking a more relaxing vacation.

Our Bahamian cruise docked out of Charleston, SC, then proceeded to Nassau and Freeport.


I often get asked how I am able to maintain a vegan diet while traveling.  The answer is simple: Preparation.  We heavily research the area we are visiting ahead of time, this gives us an idea of what to expect. Our staple foods are fruit, rice, and potatoes – we’ve never had an issue finding these foods during our trips.


The photo above is Ross’s first plate from the buffet.  The only items which are straying from our usual dinner at home are the olives and the beans.  We do eat these items on occasion, but not regularly.

Above is the beautiful fruit and veggie buffet.  I had large amounts fruit for breakfast and lunch most days.  Some days we were out exploring the islands, so I could not have the fruit/veggie buffet. This is why my biggest tip for vegan travel is preparation.  We had planned ahead and brought about 15 Larabars.


This particular cruise also had freshly baked pizza available at all times.  We asked them if their dough contained any dairy and luckily the answer was no. We gathered veggies from the buffet and the chef made us veggie pizzas – no cheese.  So delicious!


Image 2-3-16 at 4.16 PM (1)

The noodles at the pasta bar were also vegan, and they even had a plant-based sauce option. We added all the veggies and enjoyed this for a few meals as well.


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