How to Look and Feel Your Best: Travel Edition

Today I wanted to share a few of the ways I keep myself looking and feeling my best while traveling. Whether you’re embarking on an epic journey or taking a long weekend, I hope you will find a functional tip or two.

Below I’ve listed a handful of the ways I was able to keep up with my health and appearance during a 21-day road trip across the United States.

  1. Planks/Yoga. Planks are the perfect traveling core workout because they involve no equipment! Just you, your abs, and possibly your phone to use as a stop watch. Try to hold the plank as long as possible. I like to hold the exercise for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute while doing a yoga pose such as downward dog. Repeat this 5 times or until fatigued. Make sure you are utilizing your core while planking, not your arms/shoulders. If you feel these areas becoming weak or sore, this means you need to consciously move the tension to your core area. img_7843
  2. Biking. If you’re not able to bring your own bike with you (or maybe you don’t own one), check to see if the city you’re visiting uses a shared bike program. A shared bike program is an affordable way to ride a bicycle while in a new city. Ross and I have  used bike sharing in Boston, Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, and Charlotte.  We find that exploring new cities in this fashion is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh air, get plenty of exercise, and familiarize ourselves with the intimacies of the city. On our most recent trip, we brought our own bikes and enjoyed riding through San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and Nashville. When one of your first experiences with city biking is in New York City, all others seem tame! Try this website as a resource:

    Seattle, Washington
  3. Hair Spray/Dry Shampoo Combination. If you have long hair like me, you may recognize the struggle known as blow drying. Who wants to spend an extra 45 minutes+ washing and blow drying their hair while on vacation?! Not me. This is why I wanted to tell you about my new obsession: OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. This product has a fresh scent; it smells AMAZING. Here is the description from OUAI:  Like dry shampoo and hair spray had a baby—this ultra-lightweight hair spray builds incredible volume and texture. Packed with volcanic minerals to absorb oil and refresh hair. Free of parabens and talc. No animal testing.screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-13-08-am
  4. Bring face masques. Most of us do not use a face masque everyday. For this reason, it can be easy to overlook this item while packing. But remember, exploring a new city all day can mean you are sweating with makeup on (personal fave 🙋🏼),  accumulating grime from passing cars, exposing your skin to the sun, and more. At the end of the day, one of the best feelings is washing my face and applying a masque. About every 2nd night of our 21-day trip, you could find me curled up in a hotel robe wearing an Andalou Naturals sheet masque. My favorites are the Instant Pure Pore Hydro Serum and the Instant Lift & Firm Hydro Serum masks.
  5. Apply makeup in natural lighting. Hotel lighting…sigh. We all know it isn’t pretty. The mirrors can be oddly placed and stationary, the bathrooms typically don’t allow any natural light, the lists goes on and on.  My best tip for this is to bring your own mirror! Ross gave me a hand-held vanity mirror for my birthday years ago, and I’ve found it to be the perfect travel companion.  When it’s time to apply my makeup, I like to set up an area on the patio or balcony of our hotel. This is very relaxing and I love getting a little extra vitamin D. If it’s raining you can always open the shades and sit/stand near a window. This mirror is a great option due to it’s magnifying capabilities (click photo for link).screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-12-09-am
  6. Stick to a sleep schedule. This is very important! You will want to make sure you are allowing yourself time for adequate sleep. For me, this means waking early and getting to bed early. Ross and I don’t drink alcohol, so the bar scene was lost on us. However, we did enjoy watching the sunset on a nightly basis. Also, using bikes to cruise around the cities meant it took a bit longer to get from place to place. Even if you aren’t able to stick to a 10 or 11pm bed time, do your best. After a night of restful sleep my eyes are brighter, my skin looks smoother, my body feels energized, and my stomach is even flatter. Sleep is key!img_7838
  7. HYDRATE! Is there more to life than staying hydrated? If you are flying to your destination, this is even more important. I like to bring my glass water bottle with me and purchase a gallon sized jug of spring water when I arrive at my destination. I’ll transfer water into my bottle for drinking during the day. This helps keep track of how much I’m drinking, plus I don’t have to settle for hotel tap water. Or waste plastic (and money!) buying water bottles on repeat. bitmojiThank you for visiting This Vegan Life. Let’s connect! Find links to my social media accounts at the top of this page. If you would like to collaborate on future posts, please click the “Work With Me” tab. Sending good vibes your way.Signoff



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