The Cruelty Free Holiday List

Do you have a vegan princess in your life? Do her tastes seem foreign? You see her as picky … you don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

So you procrastinate buying her holiday gift. It all seems too complicated. You’re even starting to contemplate a gift card. Let me stop you right there – If this plant based princess is an important part of your life, don’t make her feel undesired and hard to buy for.

Take the time to do a little research. Maybe do some looking around her place to see what products/brands she already uses.

It’s 2016, feel free to use Google.

Take some initiative to show that you care about her and her vegan values. She cares enough about you and the Earth you call your home in order to change her entire way of living – think you could do a bit of research on her holiday gift? 😊

For today’s post I’ve curated a list of cruelty-free items which I think would make amazing holiday gifts.

  1. Ascend Cleanse Teas: I became interested in these teas after following the brand’s Instagram (@ascendcleanse) page . Starting and ending my day with these gorgeous teas has really helped me stick to a routine.dreamsawakenlightsHere is how describes their product: Ascend Cleanse creates holistic super teas & conscious ritual products to nurture the minds and bodies of an awakened generation. Our products are designed to restore your circadian rhythms and evolve your consciousness.  Not just your average tea cleanse, our all-natural organically grown teas and accessories will provide you with energized days, restful sleep and an inspired dream state. Ascend Cleanse will see you restore your balance and promote enriched, enlightened and energetic lifestyle.

2. Veganized World “Eating Meat is Strange” Tee: Say it with your chest. These tees are soft. They are high quality and 100% sweatshop free. You can order this tee by clicking here. Their IG feed is super aesthetic as well, it’s the kind of feed that makes you question your own Instagram color theme. Perfectionists beware: @veganizedworld. I also have a coupon code for those of you who are serious about ordering, make sure to use “valerie20” for 20% off your entire purchase. img_8937img_8944

3.  Jeanne Verger Yoga Jewelry: I am obsessed with Jeanne’s Gemstone Inspiration Bracelets. These make a wonderful personalized gift for the special woman in your life. She has many different meaningful bracelets to look through. See your options here. Make sure to use the code ‘holidaycheer’ for 25% off your purchase, free US shipping, plus a free Holiday Love Bracelet.


4. Secret-In-A-Tube Facial Mask: Helping to combat signs of aging and acne; this mask truly does it all. The physician formulated product is not only cruelty free and vegan – it is also organic and hypoallergenic. You really can’t go wrong here. Click here to order.


Here is how Dr. Rob (creator of this mask) describes the product:

A unique organic physician formulated anti-aging Facial Mask which can be used every day; even under the delicate eye area to reduce puffiness. Helps tighten, firm and diminish enlarged pores. Helps remove impurities, blemishes and improves circulation. Great for acne prone skin. Boosts collagen production and helps reverse the signs of aging.

A luxurious organic firming mask that sculpts your skin to increase the appearance of facial volume while moisturizing and tightening to restore fullness and vibrancy. Deeply cleanses skin, restores texture and removes impurities. Boosts collagen production, revitalizes aging skin and rejuvenates your skin’s natural vitality.

It is packaged in 100% recyclable tubes that are BPA and phthalate-free.


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