Quick Morning Rituals {To Help You Love Life}

I know that most people don’t have a ton of spare time in the morning. However, I do think that taking just a *little* bit of extra time for yourself in the morning is important. For this reason, I wanted to share a few quick and easy ways to make the most of those early hours.

  1. Juice Something Green: I always {try} to make sure the first thing I drink in the morning is a freshly pressed green juice. Sometimes it’s a 2-4 oz wheatgrass shot, other times it may be 16oz of celery juice. Lately, it has been the following combination, juiced with my Omega J8006 in my own kitchen.
    1. 2 cups of spinach
    2. 1 cup of Italian parsley
    3. 10-12 stalks of celery
    4. 1 cup of dandelion greens
  2. Stretch: Roll your yoga mat out the night before; have it waiting for you. You don’t even have to change out of your PJ’s. Most mornings, I sleepily walk over to my mat and do a few downward dogs before I even know I’m awake. Doing this will increase blood flow and circulation, which provides a boost of energy. Bonus if your mat is facing a window with sunlight pouring in.
  3. Self-Love: Since most people will be getting ready for work at this time, morning is the perfect time to practice mini mirror affirmations. Instead of picking apart your flaws while you get ready, take a few moments to look yourself in the eyes and affirm positive attributes.

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