Life is Actually Easy

Let us examine the two ways of accomplishing a task of any sort:

  1. You are inspired. Ideas are gestating in your mind. You cannot begin the task soon enough. Fantastic ideas are flowing. You are excited. You are focused. This feels both fun and easy. The word is: MOMENTUM.
  2. You are searching for motivation; possibly calling upon beliefs or ideals to get you moving. It feels like hard work. Distractions are everywhere. It feels like you will never finish this task. You feel stuck. The word is: STAGNATION.

Most people believe that this is how life works. I am writing this post to explain something: It does NOT have to be this way.

Hear this: If you ever feel burdened with option #2, do NOT continue. Don’t do the thing. What I am saying is do not continue forging ahead in the name of ‘motivation’ instead of ‘inspiration.’ Well, what is the difference? This is how I see it:

A. Inspiration is something you feel mental clarity towards. You cannot help but DO this thing. Or at the very least, WANT to do this thing. It feels like divine timing, it feels right. It would feel wrong not to follow this impulse. You are attracting the resources and ideas to see your inspiration come to fruition.

B. Motivation is almost always the word used when trying to describe our desire to WANT to WANT to do something. It is usually found in the same sentence as things we think we should be doing, but are having a hard time getting around to. We want to want to, we really do. It’s just hard because it feels like work and it doesn’t sound fun. You are trying to assert the resources and ideas to see this task to fruition.

FullSizeRender 14

Now, with that cleared up, let’s discuss how we can move all beneficial tasks to the “INSPIRED” category. Working out, going vegan, saving money, organizing the closet, vacuuming: You name it. Here we go:


Ha. Okay. Stay with me here.  I’m definitely privy to the fact most would place that word directly after “vacuuming” or maybe even before “working out.”

Remember when I said, “don’t do the thing” a few paragraphs back? Hmm, well, I mean that about every single thing except for meditation. Meditation is the only thing I think you should do no matter what. Why? Because it literally makes all of the other tasks do-able. Not only do-able, but exciting. And when you do end up accomplishing them, you get a better result. This is why:

Throughout our day, we tell ourselves a series of stories, many of them negative. We play a little game with ourselves that goes like this: “Oh that’s a good idea!” but this is why I can’t do it…this is why I am not good enough to make it happen…maybe if I lose 15 pounds first…maybe after I pay off that credit card…I should really be focusing on others…I don’t deserve this…I can think of someone else who would do a better job…whew, what was that “good idea” again?

Gosh. Why do we do this? Inspiration slides into our DM’s with something that excites us, and our little “rational” reality minions do everything they can to strip down our confidence.

Here lies the great secret of meditation, but first you have to understand one thing: If we aren’t actively blocking inspiration from coming to us {as seen above}, our brains will actually accept inspiration and see many avenues to fruition.

Quieting our minds through daily meditation {only 15-20 minutes} simply rips the vocal chords out of the minions trying to “bring you back down to reality.” Yikes. It’s a good thing, I promise. The more we practice quieting those voices of self-doubt or self-criticism, the more likely we are going to be to run with our inspired ideas. I’m talking BIG ideas! If you can think it, the cooperative components of the universe are already churning in that direction. If you can conceive it, the universe can deliver.

It really is that simple.

The best part? Things like working out and vacuuming get easier too because when you’re alive with inspiration on any topic, everything feels fun and easy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 7.52.20 PM

Ever had a crush? It’s kind of like that. You know the feeling where everything feels new? Places you’ve frequented before suddenly glimmer? You see a light in your eyes in the mirror?

It’s like that. But your new crush is yourself. And everything you do is magical.

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8 thoughts on “Life is Actually Easy

  1. I loved reading this post! I never see inspiration and motivation that way and it’s such an interesting perspective. 😊
    I remember trying out motivation for a couple of months last year but it didn’t work. I want to give it another shot. Any recommendations on how to get started?

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  2. Thank you so much for reading, Kate! I’m glad to hear you see a new perspective. My best advice is to make the decision to set your timer during a quiet time of day and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Don’t skip a day for 1 week. Next, if self-criticism creeps in during daily activities, notice it. Don’t condemn yourself for the thoughts, but try to replace them with more positive thoughts. Sometimes this is difficult because we have momentum towards negativity. If this is the case, go as general on the topic as possible. Telling yourself statements such as: “things are always working out for me” or “The world is generally a good place” or “I feel good most of the time”. xoxox!

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    1. Ohmigosh, it’s been a month! For some reason WordPress didn’t notify me of your reply…? Anyway, thank you so much Valerie! That really helps plenty 🙂


  3. Ah I just Love this. Loved reading it. Never thought of that perspective in the difference between Motivation and Inspiration. I definitely had way too many self doubt and negative thoughts in the past, stopping me from achieving Anything, or trying to rely in Motivation or willpower. Now I truly try everyday to be inspired and release those negative thoughts. Meditation, being present, being grateful, and having self love and acceptance, have all changed my life. Did a 180. Fully changed my whole life.
    Lots of love babe,


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    1. Thank you for reading, Katie! What you’ve stated above is exactly what I’m talking about in this article! Motivation vs. Inspiration is an “Abraham Thing” – know what I mean? 😉 Love you lots!


      1. Ahh I don’t know if I remember hearing her talk about motivation and inspiration. And I have watched Many of her videos hehe. Have you heard her talks and views on vegetarianism/veganism?? It is very interesting (she says things like animals came to this earth knowing they would die…something along those lines). I am unsure what to think about it. There are a few talks on youtube just 10 mins long or so. Xo love you loads babee

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