Ice, Ice, Facial

One of the most effective skin care rituals that I never stray from – is free. Well, free if you have a freezer. I have been doing this for over 3 years now. And it takes less than 2 minutes.

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It’s an ice facial.

Every morning, I melt two ice cubes on my face. Taking one in each hand, I massage the ice along my jaw line, across my forehead, under my eyes and over my cheeks.

It feels so good – sometimes, I audibly moan.

Here is why I do it:

  1. Dramatically increases blood flow to the face. With fresh blood, comes fresh nutrients. It also chases stagnant blood from the area and brings a healthy glow.
  2. Soothes breakouts. The increased circulation of blood sort of, cleans the zit out from the inside. The coolness of the ice also provides relief to the inflammation surrounding the breakout.
  3. Pacifies tired eyes. If your eyes are puffy, the coolness from the ice will drain the excess fluid which causes the puffiness.
  4. Wakes up the body. The sudden cold sensation automatically calls your body to attention. Do this upon waking for instant motivation to hit the gym.
  5. Reduces overall inflammation. I have noticed a more ‘carved’ appearance to my face since sticking to this practice for an extended period of time. Less inflammation means that the true features of your face can shine through.

It seems so simple, but I can definitely notice if I have skipped a day for any reason. Plus, if you are traveling – you typically have access to an ice machine.

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