My Story


This Vegan Life is my way of advocating for the vegan lifestyle. My husband and I made the switch to a 100% cruelty-free diet in March of 2014.  We were in the midst of selling one home and purchasing another, moving states, and both of us were switching jobs. Why not add a complete lifestyle overhaul to the mix?

Surrounded by moving boxes on that March evening, we were ready for a Netflix movie night. In the mood for something intellectual, we were drawn to the documentary section.  The films pictured below were our very first experience with veganism.

Vegan Docs

Although I always had always been an animal lover with an interest in healthy living, I had never been formally introduced to veganism.  While I had heard of certain celebrities being vegan (Carrie Underwood & Olivia Wilde), I assumed it would be too difficult. I never gave the idea of ‘going vegan’ a second thought.

Until that March 2014 evening. 

Transfixed by these documentaries all evening; something had clicked within our psyche.

We were ready.

We got rid of our wild caught salmon, ground turkey, and organic chicken breast.  Gone was the organic grass fed butter. Turkey bacon and cage-free eggs no longer had a place in our refrigerator.

We literally became vegan overnight…but we didn’t tell anybody…for 9 months.

Nine months is a long time in vegan-years! We’ve all seen the memes which illustrate the point that vegans tend to speak up for the animals…and this tends to strike a nerve with omnivores.

We spent the next 9 months voracious for information on our new way of living.  YouTube videos, blogs, cookbooks, and Pinterest were wonderful resources.  We were committed to the lifestyle, but we still wanted to make sure we were making the right decision.

The word “gullible” could never be used to describe us during our researching process.  We analyzed both sides of the coin, and still came up vegan.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Since changing our diets, we have also phased out other animal products such as leather, down, and products which test on animals. I said goodbye to former favorite brands like MAC Cosmetics, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Benefit, and Tory Burch. We even sold our Cadillac CTS because of its leather interior.

It’s safe to say that most every aspect of our lives have changed, but we are better for it.

At This Vegan Life, we truly believe that the path to peace begins our plates. I post content related to our cruelty-free lifestyle such as cosmetics, skin care, food (of course!), fashion, and travel.  Subscribe to receive notifications of recent posts.








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