Raw Materials

At our most basic, we humans have a lot in common with each other; in fact we have everything in common.

We are bones, blood, skin, tissues and organs.

We are spirited and animated by the life force within us.

We form thoughts, feel pleasure, get hungry, fall in love, and fall asleep.

The raw materials of our “selves” are across the board – fairly similar.


An inextricable force makes us all somehow different. Much like walking through a neighborhood of homes – we witness the same raw materials (wood, stone, planks, boards and nails) making up houses that all look and feel different.

This force is energetic intention and focus. How we physically manifest into this 3D reality is more than just our genetic makeup.  How we manifest has everything to do with our intentions and our energetic fields. Our energetic blueprint.

The music we choose listen to and the foods we choose to eat, the constant stream of thoughts we entertain throughout the day, the people we love and the animals we cuddle – these aspects become our energetic signature.  Because we have either consciously or unconsciously made the decision to include these interactions in our consciousness.

This energetic signature is what makes us more than flesh, bone, and soul. How we choose to focus, wrangle and direct our energetic field creates our individual life experiences and our physical bodies.

Behind the facade of skin colors, money systems, sports teams, religions, and political preferences – there is only this absolutely fundamental difference amongst individuals: How are you choosing to direct your own personal energetic field?