DIY Bath Salts: Lavender Vanilla & Peppermint Green Tea

I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe for homemade bath salts.  If you’re reading this blog, it is likely that you’re aware of the dangers hidden within commercial bath products.  Chemicals such as sulfates or parabens could be lurking — or the product could be tested on innocent animals.  Let’s get into the recipe.

For this project you will need:

epsom salt

essential oils: lavender & peppermint

food coloring (optional)

measuring spoon (1 tsp)

tea leaves of your choice

jar for the finished product

bowl and spoon for mixing

Epsom salt is a wonderful base (as compared to dead sea salt or other options) due to its high levels of magnesium. The body is able to absorb this crucial element through the skin.  A few benefits of magnesium include: Alleviation of muscle cramps, reduction of inflammation, and soothing of any cuts or abrasions on the surface of the skin.


We will begin by filling our holding jar with the desired amount of salt, this helps ensure we are making exactly enough to fill our jar.


Once we’ve measured the correct amount of salt, place the salt into the mixing bowl.  The next step is mix in the tea leaves.

I’ve chosen my favorite green tea, which includes notes of vanilla, by Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Next, mix in 1 teaspoon (or more if you would prefer) of essential oil.

I think these measuring spoons are adorable! You can find them at World Market, I’ve linked them: here.


Once the leaves & oil are fully incorporated, it is time to drizzle in the food coloring. I used purple for the Lavender Vanilla jar and green for the Peppermint Green Tea jar.

food coloring



Enjoy these salts on your own or give as a gift to your glamorously health conscious vegan friends. XO!


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