March 2017 Favorites

March is here! It’s time to shake off winter for good. Although, for some reason Greensboro has snow in the forecast for this weekend;  it was in the 70’s last week. I give up! Snow, sun or a combination of both –  hopefully my curated list of current favorites below will brighten your day. Brace yourselves for a comprehensive list, it’s been a jolly good past month.

  1. Green Juice: I adopted my current recipe from the Moon Juice Cookbook by Amanda Chantal Bacon {the most ironic last name for a plant-based author}. It is her ‘Goodness Greens’ recipe minus the kale. I’ve been juicing this little concoction every single morning. Notice I do not include any fruit – simply the most potent greens/herbs you can find. The taste is also surprisingly mild. Don’t be afraid to try it!
    1. 2 cups of spinach
    2. 1 cup of Italian parsley
    3. 10-12 stalks of celery
    4. 1 cup of dandelion greensFullSizeRender 5
  2. Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen App: I’ve been using this {free!} app to keep track of my nutrient intake. Michael Greger is a doctor who turned vegan after studying/researching the affect plants have on the body. His book, How Not To Die, is a must-read for any person either suffering from chronic illness or looking to avoid sickness altogether. This app is a user-friendly guide to making sure you are eating the proper amounts of fruit/vegetables/whole grains/etc. per day. It’s so easy. Check out his YouTube Channel here. Use the search bar to find videos answering virtually any food-related question using scientific data. arrow
  3. Ageless Body Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra: Did you know that aging is a learned behavior our cells can evade? Did you know that you can rapidly decrease the rate at which you age or even halt it altogether? Chopra explains how in this book. Ross and I have been reading a few chapters every weekend.  The information presented in this book is unlike anything I’ve ever been exposed to – what’s more is that we bought this book for less than 1 dollar at Goodwill. Thank you, universe! Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.58.55 AM
  4. Rose Quartz Crystals: For those of you who don’t follow astrology, you may not know that the planet Venus is currently in retrograde {approximately March 4th – April 15th}. This means that Venus will appear to spin backwards on its orbit for about 40-43 days. Unlike other planets, such as Mercury, Venus seldomly retrogrades. In fact, it only happens every 18 months. This time period will allow for deep interaction with our higher selves. Meaning, self-esteem may take a hit or we may feel unusually vulnerable to our feelings of love or attraction {Venus is ruled by the heart chakra after all}. Venus typically epitomizes all things love, beauty, and creative expression. During a time of retrograde, these feelings will be stifled leading to creative blocks, dips in self-love, and/or feelings of unworthiness. Fear not, because Rose Quartz will help defend you! Rose quartz is the love stone of this age. Meaning, it resonates all things that the retrograde is halting: Love, beauty, and creativity. I keep two stones in the most trafficked areas of my home and wear one bracelet of rose quartz as often as possible. Crystals
  5. My Vintage Chicago Cubs Sweatshirt: This sweatshirt features a 1979 Cubs logo patch with Harry Carey glasses. I ordered this on eBay in anticipation for the Cubs home opener against the L.A. Dodgers in April. I received it in the mail this week and it couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion! We will be traveling to Chicago for the game and I will be pairing this with high waisted jeans and my white Superga Cotu Classic sneakers.  IMG_9759IMG_9760
  6. Bubble Masks: I had never tried a bubble mask before, and let me tell you – they are hyped for a reason. Ross and I are both now addicted to the Oxygenating Bubble Mask by Miss Spa. This particular one is a sheet mask which bubbles up and creates a foam-like texture on your face. We are using these masks once every two weeks. Product description below:

    The Ultimate in Recovery: Delivers refreshing oxygenating effect to revitalize dull, tired looking skin with white tea and pineapple extracts Give skin a breath of fresh air with miss spa® Oxygenating Bubble Mask. Infused with antioxidant-rich white tea extract, this self-activating crème mask turns into a refreshing, bubbly foam when applied to skin to reinvigorate and reenergize. Pineapple fruit extract and vitamin B3 work to gently help exfoliate and even skin tone, revealing optimum clarity and radiance. Skin is left looking and feeling hydrated, revitalized and healthier than ever.

  7. Adore: This 2013 film starring Naomi Watts, Robin Wright and Xavier Samuel is so delicious. The subject matter is taboo, however the beautiful scenery + beautiful cast + incredible acting is reason enough to seek out this film. The fact that it is shot entirely in 35mm Cinemascope also lends to the otherworldly, no rules observed sort of feelings this film will undoubtedly evoke.Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.25.57 AM
  8. Sticky Fingers Restaurant {Washington D.C.}: Located in our nation’s capital, this restaurant is all things vegan junk food. Cupcakes topped with an inch of vegan buttercream frosting, mac and cheese, burgers, burritos, and doughnuts …While I am decidedly happy that this mecca is over four hours from where I live, I am also excited to be traveling back there this month. After first sampling the vegan delights in August of 2015, we’ve chosen this destination as the celebration venue for our THREE YEAR VEGAN ANNIVERSARY quickly approaching on March 19th.
  9.  Ginger Tea: Herbal tea is caffeine free. For this reason, I have been enjoying this particular brew about an hour before bedtime. Ginger is wonderful for this time of year because it warms the body, helping to transition from the cold winter to the more vibrant spring. Not to mention the incredible affects this tea has on digestion. Want to increase your odds of waking up with a flat stomach? Drink ginger tea. But make sure to wait an hour+ after eating your last meal of the day. I am currently mixing freshly grated turmeric and freshly ground black pepper into my tea for added benefits. Turmeric is the root spice which gives curry dishes their bright yellow coloring. Because of turmeric’s high levels of the antioxidant curcumin, it is also recommended by the Daily Dozen App to have 1/4 teaspoon per day. Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.14.56 PM
  10. Ross Cody’s 30 Days of Meat Eating Excuses: My husband has taken YouTube by storm with his video series exploring the meat-eating mentality. The series is already well underway with 23 of 30 videos already available for viewing. He covers popular excuses such as Eating Meat is Manly and Humans Have Canines. See the videos here.

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