Hyper Focused Intuition

I’ve found that the focus of energy is my greatest power. As a human, I have the capacity to focus my mental energy; I can train my mind. My thought patterns can either bolster or deter my progress in all areas of life.

Through focused thought, we can engage the power that creates worlds. This is leverage. This is momentum.  This engagement means less hard work on our behalf;  resulting in a hyper accurate, better executed, easier to produce outcome. 

Notice the two voices that run inside your mind on a daily basis.  (If you’ve never considered this concept, the following may seem odd to you.) The first voice is the one that we interact with all day long. The first voice is the running stream of thoughts in our own minds. We are thinking about plans, observations, the future, the past, other people, etc.


Now, Voice #2 is only noticeable when you make the effort to quiet Voice #1. Consciously deciding to focus on only the present, maybe even only the sounds of breathing.

Detracting focus from Voice #1 for a long enough to hear Voice #2 is the goal of meditation. This doesn’t take long, it only takes 17 seconds of absolute focus to quiet Voice #1. The second voice is what you hear asking your thoughts to dissipate. It is the voice that you hear when your streaming thoughts are interrupted with a jolting “Oh yes, I am supposed to be focusing on my breath.”


The second voice is our connection to Source Energy: The voice of intuition.

By the way, how do you know which voice is speaking? Your voice of intuition will be subtle, but it will always make total sense. This is a voice of clarity, not confusion. Those moments when we know exactly what our next step should be and we cannot wait to take it – these are messages from Source translated by our intuition.

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4 thoughts on “Hyper Focused Intuition

  1. I love this!! I have been working on staying present for a while now and trusting my intuition, just flowing and letting go, letting go….

    It can make you feel so much freer, less stressed, and happier. xo

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