How To Connect With Divine Wisdom

Even if we have never put words to reason – all of us feel better when we are connected to Source Energy. If we were to reflect on life, I would guess that our favorite conversations, meetings, vacations, meals, musical experiences, workouts, dates, etc., were all so amazing because we were connecting with Source Energy or we were witnessing this quality in another.

Abraham Hicks once said that trying to take action while disconnected from Source Energy was like trying to make toast without plugging in the toaster. Meaning, without that certain connectedness – the bread (our progress) would just sit there, waiting to be transformed. Link to YouTube video of this Abraham Hicks workshop recording: Here

For reference, in the context of the blog post and also metaphysics, “Source Energy” is the term used to describe what others may refer to as God.

I truly believe that our best work and most enjoyable moments are a product of being connected directly to Source, or being “plugged-in” per the Hicks analogy.

In my experience, some situations afford us an easier opportunity to connect than others. This is also common sense. Watching a beautiful sunset or engaging in an intellectually stimulating conversation – these can very easily turn into experiences of connectedness. While sitting in traffic or missing a flight might turn us off and cause us to subdue the inner wisdom.

Divine wisdom and guidance is always available to us. Though, there are certain patterns that may cause us to feel disconnected from this. Behaviors and compulsions such as: Overthinking, not following divine impulses, not knowing what a divine impulse is, allowing dogma to take precedence, not taking proper care of our physical body, feeding addictions, engaging in negative self-talk, as well as many other unique and individual ways of being.

We are divinely intuitive beings and extensions of Source Energy. We are immeasurably powerful and we can truly be, do, or have anything that our minds conceive. In metaphysical terms this means: If we have the thought or idea – then the path has already been paved. It is just the question of how well will we manage to get out of our own way and allow ourselves to follow the path?

It is essential to remember that while we can ignore, run from or try to quiet our divine guidance – we can never fully sever our connection. This is because God-Energy is the very essence of who we are. How do you know if you are running and ignoring? You feel terrible. The more disconnected you are – the worse you feel.

If this concept is totally new to you, I urge you to reflect on some of your best moments. Journal about them and try to remember every detail. Is there a through-line?

How to Connect:

  1. Gratitude – This emotion is one of the highest on the vibrational scale of emotions. It is also one of the most easily accessible from some of the lower vibrating emotions such as fear or anger. This means that it is easier to find something to be grateful for in moments of despair than it is to suddenly feel pure joy or bliss.
    Emotional Scale
  2. Mindfulness –  Find God in the moment. Take pleasure in the little things. Do daily activities with a certain care and awareness.
  3. Yoga – When we combine conscious breathing with physical movement, we create space inside our physical bodies for the divine to enter.
  4. Hobby – We can access our inner wisdom during moments of flow. Or, as sports has categorized this state of being “in the zone.” When we have hobbies (or careers) that make us forget that time is passing, we are dancing with the very energy that creates worlds.
  5. Being in Nature – If our goal is to find a connection with the God Source that lives within us, it would make sense that spending time with Mother Nature could cultivate this. Yes, being away from the woes of modern day living is a piece of this – but the real gem is the healing vibration being offered through nature herself. Trees, flowers, plants, even the dirt-paved paths are all resonating in harmony with Source. In fact, the specific resonance is called the Schumann Resonance (7.83hz).  Meaning this: If your physical body and/or mind is ‘out of key’ with Source -spending time in nature will help tune you.
  6. Meditation – I love this quote by Kelsey Grammer:

    “Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you’re listening. Playing the piano allows you to do both at the same time.”

    What better way to feel your guidance than to actually attempt to hear it? Meditation can be a practice of actively quieting the mind long enough for divine wisdom to subtly speak. The whole quote is applicable too because playing instruments can be another way of finding the flow and letting Source move through you.

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